Episode 101 – Selling Expensive Things

n this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is helping us navigate the art of selling. She starts by explaining her mindset and motives when it comes to offering treatments to her patients.  You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s all in the delivery and Dr. Yazdan is here to show you what that really means.

Dr. Yazdan is showing us the difference between being “salesy” and offering value. She makes it easy to understand by applying real-life examples we can all relate to.

This episode is filled with great advice on attracting patients and clients to your business on social media. If you listen closely, or go back and listen again, you’ll hear it also has a lot of social media content and post ideas.

At 8:16 Dr. Yazdan starts talking directly to her fellow healthcare professionals.  Listen to find out what she means when Dr. Yazdan says “Your thoughts will always create your results” when it comes to getting patients to sign on for a proposed treatment plan.  She even uses her own mistake as an example for us to learn from.

In the last third of this episode, Dr. Yazdan introduces us to The Belief Triad. She uses this concept to help us hone in our selling skills, not just on social media, but also in our office practice.

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