Episode 106 – Finding Your Voice On Social Media

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is helping us find our voice on social media. Dr. Yazdan understands that it can feel unnatural or awkward when you’re first getting started with social media.  She also knows the importance of consistency and being authentic.  Dr. Yazdan is asking us questions that, once we answer for ourselves, will uncover our virtual voice.

Dr. Yazdan is not only asking us the right questions to reveal our answer, but she is also showing us how to think about our answers in context. She takes things back to the office to show us how to think about the groundwork she is laying out for us.

At 5:07, Dr. Yazdan points out that in order to attract your ideal patient, you must know how to speak to them.  This goes back to knowing your ideal patient. The links for The Social Dentist episodes on finding  your ideal patient are below.

Dr. Yazdan knows it’s hard to continue showing up on social media in a meaningful way. This episode is full of great advice and closes with the perspective we need to continue improving on our social media strategy.

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