Episode 11 – The mind-blowing shift that happens in your business when you show up on social media

Episode 11 – The mind-blowing shift that happens in your business when you show up on social media

Dr. Desiree Yazdan has built a successful cosmetic dentistry practice through her social media presence, and she is here to help you do the same.  In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan talks about the shift you’ll see in your business once your social media marketing starts working.

One place Dr. Yazdan says we’ll notice a difference is during your consult.  Traditional consultations are spent with the doctor convincing the potential patient why they are the best for the job and why this treatment plan is the right one; it is more of an interview of the doctor.  In her personal practice, Dr. Yazdan has noticed a change in her consults. Because of social media, many of her new patients have already decided that they want treatment from her. In Dr. Yazdan’s new consultations there is more of a focus on getting the patient to their goal, and less of a sales pitch.  Dr. Yazdan explains this is due to the connections you are making through your social media posts. When your followers know you, like you, and trust you they are more willing to have treatment with you.

Dr. Yazdan paints a clear picture of how social media can and will make your business more profitable, if you follow her easy to implement strategies.  She gives specific advice to healthcare professionals who are just getting started on social media to help them with content creation. Grow with the Gram is Dr. Yazdan’s “instagram bootcamp” where she takes teaches you everything you need to know to make your social media presence work for you.  Sign up for Dr. Yazdan’s newsletter to get insider information on when you can sign up for the next Grow with the Gram enrollment.

Dr. Yazdan created a helpful, free post planning worksheet to help you get started and stay consistent with your social media posting.  You can use this valuable tool multiple times to ensure you are reaching your ideal patient effectively.

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