Episode 110 – Feeling Frustrated at Work

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is helping her fellow healthcare professionals work through a common problem among business owners – frustration.  We’ve all felt frustrated by something in our workplace, and those frustrations can get out-of-hand and overwhelming. We even tell ourselves stories about those frustrations. Dr. Yazdan is here to help you see those frustrations as just the stories we tell ourselves and she is helping us create new stories which will actually benefit us, instead of just feeling frustrated.

Dr. Yazdan’s approach to remedying frustration may surprise you. She uses a recent scenario in her own dentistry office to explain her method. Dr. Yazdan is able to help us put things in perspective and approach our issues with the right mindset.

Find out what Dr. Yazdan means when she says it’s important to “take your power back” at the 9:05 mark. If you’re feeling stuck or trapped in your current work situation, this could be the advice you need to hear to get yourself in a better position.

Listen to the end of this podcast for the best advice on dealing with people you don’t like. You may look at people slightly differently after this listen, and it would be a good thing.

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