Episode 133 – Debt & How To Deal With It

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan we’re discussing debt.  You’ve most likely discussed your school or business debt in the past, and it’s not usually a pleasant conversation. Dr. Yazdan is here to turn things around and reframe the way you think about debt.  This may be the first time you’re hearing debt discussed this way, and it could be the change you need.

This is about big picture thinking and long-term goals.  Dr. Yazdan wants you to know that it’s worth it, and you’re worth it.  Listen to find out what Dr. Yazdan means when she says “money is neutral” at 7:14.

Now that we’re in the right money mindset, Dr. Yazdan is giving us questions to get us forward-thinking and making more money.  Keep listening until the end for a pep talk from Dr. Yazdan about debt.  If you’re ready to make more money in your business, sign up for Dr. Yazdan’s free masterclass, link below.

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