Episode 137 – Instagram Reels and using them for your business

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is talking to us about the video feature on Instagram.  If you aren’t posting videos on Instagram, you aren’t utilizing the platform as much as you can, and Dr. Yazdan is here to help.

This episode starts off with Dr. Yazdan breaking down the different types of videos on Instagram.  She quickly focuses the conversation on Instagram Reels and explains why video format is so powerful.  It’s all about engagement.  Dr. Yazdan even slips in a hack for those of us who aren’t comfortable being on camera yet.

After giving us all the reasons why we should be using Instagram Reels, Dr. Yazdan is giving us tips to help hone this skill and get the most out of your video content. There’s even advice for coming up with new video content ideas sprinkled throughout this episode, between guidance on best practices and reasons why it works.

Dr. Yazdan is here to refute all your excuses. You have her support with this podcast episode; it’s jam-packed with the words you need to hear to start posting videos on Instagram, and getting more business from it.  Listen to the end of this episode for a list of 11 video content ideas that you can take and use right now.

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