Episode 138 – Expectation vs. Reality within the 3 Year Plan

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is talking to us about a three year plan.  This plan is an integral part of Dr. Yazdan’s one-on-one coaching, and it has proven to be useful and successful.

Listen to find out why Dr. Yazdan wants you to calm down and how being calm can help your business. She wants us to let go of the “should” and accept the reality.  By using herself as an example, Dr. Yazdan is able to really show us what she means when she says we need to change our story.

Dr. Yazdan explains how to use your 3-year plan to make confident decisions in your business which will benefit you in the long run. If you haven’t created a 3-year plan for yourself, listen to this podcast episode for all the motivation you need to get it done, and reach your goals.

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