Episode 139 – Always Get More Than What You Came For

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr, Desiree Yazdan is focusing on taking full advantage of opportunities.  She starts off this episode with a personal story to help set the stage. She’s using her own experience to show us a lesson in seizing the opportunity and making the most of a situation.  Dr. Yazdan didn’t let a drastic change of plans ruin her experience; she turned it around and made it work for her.  You can do the same thing, with Dr.  Yazdan’s help.

She’s taking this concept and applying it to all different facets of business, like hiring a new position and expanding the business.  Dr. Yazdan doesn’t want you to wait around for success to happen to you, she’s here to tell us we need to make it happen and she’s helping us get there.

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