Episode 14 – How To Build A Brand

Episode 14 – How To Build A Brand

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about branding and building a brand while you are growing your social media following.  If you’re like a lot of people, especially healthcare professionals, you may be wondering – Why is it important for me to build a brand? In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan explains what it means to have a “brand” on social media and why it is important. She also gives advice on building that personal brand. It’s more than just a logo and graphic design! Dr. Yazdan uses real life examples to show us how branding can affect the way we feel about a business.  She explains how we can use branding on social media to attract the right types of followers.

Dr. Yazdan always takes it back to the fundamentals – your ideal client, and she proves to us again why focusing on creating content for your ideal client is so important.  She takes it a step further in this episode by having us approach the thinking process for content and caption creation in a new way.

Dr. Yazdan is so excited for you to get started on your personal brand, she created a branding guide for you with an exercise you’ll find beneficial, along with a personal message.

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