Episode 15 – How To Grow and Reach A New Audience on Social Media

Episode 15 – How To Grow and Reach a New Audience on Social Media

If you are using social media for your business, chances are you are looking to attract more followers.  In this episode of The Social Dentist Dr. Desiree Yazdan goes in depth on one strategy to reach a new audience and attract the right followers for your business.  Dr. Yazdan starts by reminding us that there is more than one way to grow your following and social media is all about the long game.

There are companies and tactics out there that will help you gain more followers quickly, but that doesn’t mean more business or clients.  For your social media to work for you, those followers need to turn into patients or clients. Dr. Yazdan assures us we don’t need to go this route to get new eyes on our page.

So what is Dr. Yazdan’s proven strategy to help attract new followers? Giveaways!  Everyone loves the chance to win something free; a giveaway incentives your current followers to share your page with their friends.  Dr. Yazdan explains how you can build a deeper connection with your loyal following while also getting in front of new people. She gives valuable suggestions on how to make your giveaway work the most for you and your brand.

Listen to this podcast to avoid making the common mistakes a lot of business owners make when doing a giveaway.  Are you worried giveaways make you look desperate? Dr. Yazdan goes over exactly what to do and what not to do when posting a giveaway.

Dr. Yazdan knows you’re busy so she wants to help make your social media posting efficient, while still giving you results – not only is this episode packed with valuable, actionable information, she also created a free downloadable set of 30 captions for you to use, called the Instagram Guide For Healthcare Professionals. Click the link below to access and start using the free captions.

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