Episode 158 – The Things Holding You Back From Social Media Success & How To Fix Them

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is here to dispel all your excuses for why you aren’t engaging regularly on social media.  She’s heard every excuse out there and she has an answer for each one.  

Listen at 2:12 to find out what Dr. Yazdan means when she refers to “B- work” and how it can actually serve you on social media.  Dr. Yazdan is showing us that there is no good excuse for not showing up on social media.  She’s here to give us the perspective we need and shift our outlook to get us consistently showing up on social media. 

Dr. Yazdan uses her own experience to show us we’re aren’t alone, and even the master herself feels unmotivated sometimes.  And of course she’s sharing her tips for overcoming those negative feelings so you can still show up consistently.  

Dr. Yazdan closes this episode by explaining why it’s so important to consistently show up on social media.   

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