Episode 161 – How To Reduce Stress As A Healthcare Professional

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan wants to help us manage our stress levels.  She is divulging her personal secret to managing stress in all areas of her life.  She starts of by differentiating between different types of stress.  This episode is focused on the emotional stress of being a business owner and healthcare professional.  

You are creating all your own stress – Dr. Yazdan explains what she means by this and how it’s actually a good thing.  She’s offering up alternatives to the automatic stress pattern that we often fall into.  She’s empowering her listeners by showing us that we are in control of our thoughts and that means we can control our stress.  

Dr. Yazdan takes things a step further by explaining how we can completely eliminate stress from our lives.  She wants us to neutralize.  Listen at 6:22 for a comical visual Dr. Yazdan uses to explain what an unmanaged mind looks like.  In the second half of this episode, Dr. Yazdan walks us through what this alternative thinking process can look like.  You’ll feel like Dr. Yazdan is speaking directly to you when she gives her advice.

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