Episode 170 – 100% Results For My Coaching Clients

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is focusing on achieving goals.  In addition to this podcast and her thriving cosmetic dentistry practice in Newport  Beach, Dr. Yazdan is also a business coach, helping other healthcare professionals reach their goals too.  This past month Dr. Yazdan hit a milestone in her coaching career, so to celebrate she’s sharing some insight in this episode to help her podcast listeners consistently achieve their goals as well.

Dr. Yazdan points out that we often use our goals against ourselves – listen for what she means by that and the value in pointing it out.   You won’t want to miss what Dr. Yazdan explains beginning at the 4:40 mark; she says thinking = money.  This simple concept could change everything for you.

This episode literally explains how you can have a seven-figure business as a single-practitioner.  Dr. Yazdan is giving away her coaching secrets for you to implement – don’t miss this powerful episode.

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