Episode 172 – Your IG Growth Questions Answered

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is answering your most-asked questions when it comes to social media marketing.  The methods that Dr. Yazdan shares in this podcast and in her Grow with the Gram program have worked for her and so many others, and it can work for you, too  – if you commit to the process Dr. Yazdan outlines for you.

Dr. Yazdan is answering questions like, “how do I get more followers?” and “what’s the best time of day to post?” and more.  She even touches on the very common issue of having more than one ideal patient.  Dr. Yazdan is giving the reasoning behind her answers so it’s easy to understand why her strategies work.

The Social Dentist, Episode 129: Social Media Content Creation PPSPT Formula – https://dryazdan.com/podcasts/129/

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