Episode 179 – Focused Energy For Increasing Revenue

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is discussing the concept of focused energy.  She starts laying the foundation by using an example of hitting revenue goals from one of her coaching clients.  Dr. Yazdan is helping us to recognize focused energy in ourselves and showing us how to use it to reach our goals.

This episode will facilitate feeling and creating focused energy within yourself.  Dr. Yazdan explains how using focused energy can help you reach your revenue goals in your healthcare practice.  She is teaching us how to create energy to create the experience you want for your patient, no matter what obstacles come up during your day.

In the last third of this episode, Dr.Yazdan does a great job at explaining why this focused energy state of mind works to help us reach our goals. You may want to listen to this episode again.  Once you’ve mastered the art of focused energy, your goals will come more easily and you’ll settle into a new normal that will continue to benefit you and your business.

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