Episode 184 – The Power of Social Media – How a Patient Spent 35k in my Office Without Ever Meeting Me

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is sharing a personal experience hoping to motivate you to be able to do the same thing and reach your business goals.  If you’re a healthcare professional, especially if you’re a dentist, you won’t want to miss hearing this story.  It’s the story every practitioner wants to tell.

Dr. Yazdan wants to help you be in a position in your career where patients are coming to you pre-sold and you are in demand.  Dr. Yazdan is confident that she can help you build a social media presence that will consistently funnel patients into your practice.   She’s here to help you leverage this free tool (social media) to build and grow your healthcare practice.

Dr. Yazdan herself is proof that it can be done, and she wants to help you do it too.  Between this podcast, Grow with the Gram, and her free masterclasses, Dr. Yazdan is revealing all the secrets to her success.

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