Episode 20 – Best Practices for Posting Personal Content on Your Business Social Media Page

Episode 20 – Best Practices for Posting Personal Content on Your Business Social Media Page

This episode of The Social Dentist was inspired by feedback from listeners; in this episode Dr. Desiree Yazdan discusses in depth best practices for posting personal content on your business social media page.  Dr Yazdan starts off by reminding us that our social media page is a place to showcase our business. But we can add in aspects of our personal life. It’s all about balance.

Dr. Yazdan explains that when you are posting on a business page and trying to gain a following, you are building a brand and on social media, part of that brand-building is a personal brand. Dr yazdan makes it clear why including parts of our personal life on our business page is important, and it goes back to building that connection. She gives clear examples of how to include personal aspects into your business page. Dr. Yazdan challenges us to show our face, make those connections and see our business grow.  She even gives implementable ideas of how to show up in a personal way on our business page.

Even if you aren’t part of Dr. Yazdan’s Grow with the Gram program, you’re in luck, because in this episode, Dr. Yazdan shares her rule for keeping the right business/personal balance on your social media page, which was previously exclusive for the Grow with the Gram insiders.  If you’re wondering how much is the right amount of personal information to share, you won’t want to miss this podcast because Dr. Yazdan tells us her gauge for how much to share on social media. She is also sharing a free branding guide to help you stand out in a saturated market.

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