Episode 213 – Building A Strong Team

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan wants to help you build a strong team in your healthcare practice.  This episode is for all healthcare professionals, but Dr. Yazdan is speaking specifically to women in leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

If you’re a female healthcare practice owner, listening to this podcast will feel like Dr. Yazdan knows you and is talking directly to you.  That’s because Dr. Yazdan IS you, and knows exactly what you’re going through.  She’s been through it too, and is here to help you succeed in your practice.  Dr. Yazdan understands the importance of having a strong team in place in the practice.  

At 8:33 Dr. Yazdan actually defines what makes a great teammate.  After listening to this episode, you’ll have the motivation and inspiration to make the necessary changes in your practice to enable you to have a strong team behind you.

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