Episode 214 – Dealing with Burnout

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is addressing burnout, a very common problem among dentists and other healthcare providers.  She’s taking us back to a time when Dr. Yazdan herself was feeling burnt out and her love of dentistry was almost not enough to keep her in the business.  She knows the feeling and she’s here to help you shake the burnout.  

Dr. Yazdan is outlining a two-part solution to overcoming burnout as a healthcare professional.  She’s giving you the questions to ask yourself to get your mind on the right track.  Dr. Yazdan breaks things down in a way that shows it’s truly all about your mindset.

The big question Dr. Yazdan wants to help you answer why you are feeling burnt out.  She’s pointing out that there’s a specific reason why you’re feeling so burnt out and she wants to help you address the real issues.  Dr. Yazdan makes a great point when she says that “it’s important for you to make changes so that your work fits into your lifestyle,” and this podcast will help you do that.

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