Episode 215 – What To Do When You Don’t Feel Motivated

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is giving us advice for when we’re not feeling motivated in our business.  Life happens and things get in the way, that’s why Dr. Yazdan is here to help you keep things in perspective when it comes to feeling motivated.  She discusses the importance of understanding your emotions, and the 50/50 rule and how they play into each other. 

Dr. Yazdan is revealing how she sparks motivation within herself, even when she’s not naturally feeling that way.  She even makes the clear distinction between faking it and actually feeling motivated.  This podcast isn’t about faking it.  

In the last third of this episode, Dr. Yazdan points out a common reason why we probably feel unmotivated.  And she takes it a step further by explaining why it won’t work if we don’t fix it.  Listen to and follow Dr. Yazdan’s advice to find the motivation to grow your business.  


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