Episode 218 – When Patients Aren’t Saying Yes To Treatment Plans

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is addressing a problem she sees often among fellow dentists – patients are not saying yes to the treatment plan that is being presented.  Dr. Yazdan jumps right in on this episode.  She starts off by pointing out how the dentist is actually the reason why patients deny treatment.  

Dr. Yazdan is here to help you work through the obstacles that are in the way for patients when they aren’t saying yes to your treatment plan.  She’s showing us we can effectively sell without coming off as “salesy”.   In this episode, Dr. Yazdan is coaching us through the discomfort and awkwardness when a patient says no.  She’s giving us real action we can take and implement in our own practice to get a higher rate of treatment plan acceptance.  

At the 7:40 mark, Dr. Yazdan points out the difference between patients needing a procedure vs. wanting a procedure, which could be an eye-opening point for you to hear.  Listen to this episode, and don’t let the objections hold you back.

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