Episode 221 – Feeling Exhausted After A Day At Work

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is addressing an issue she sees all too often among healthcare professionals: exhaustion.  She is here to help you deal with your exhaustion and manage it.  She starts off by pointing out that there are different types of exhaustion, and sometimes feeling exhausted can feel good.  

Dr. Yazdan identifies that most of the negative feelings you’re experiencing at work come from mental exhaustion, like the “Sunday blues,” morning dread, being on edge, feeling stuck, self-doubt and so many more examples.  

Make sure you listen through this entire episode because in the second half Dr. Yazdan explains what you can actually do to make things better for yourself.  She takes you step by step through a plan to put yourself in a better mental place.  If you follow Dr. Yazdan’s advice, you can still feel good even when you have a difficult day.  


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