Episode 230 – 130k in 4 weeks vs 130k in 2 weeks

In this episode Dr. Yazdan is showing us that just because we work more, doesn’t mean we will make more money.  She is helping us curate the right mindset to create success in our business.  Dr. Yazdan is here to show you that you can consistently hit your goals without it being a fluke or coincidence, and without stress or drama.  

Listen to find out what Dr. Yazdan means when she says “it’s the thoughts first.”  This concept could change the way you think about and operate within your business.  Dr. Yazdan uses a real-world example from one of her coaching clients to illustrate her point in action.  

Dr. Yazdan does a great job of explaining her mindset concept and she makes it sound so easy.  But we know things are more easily said than done.  That’s why Dr. Yazdan has a exercise for you to do at the end of this episode which will help you evaluate where you are now and get yourself to a better mind place.

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