Episode 239 – Become More Fee For Service

In this episode of The Social Dentist Dr. Desiree Yazdan wants to help you become more fee-for-service based in your business.  Dr. Yazdan has helped so many dentists just like you make more money by adopting a fee-for-service model.  If you are already running a fee for service practice, this is still a worthwhile listen because Dr. Yazdan has advice for you too.

Because Dr. Yazdan is a dentist herself, she knows your pain points, and is able to address them one-by-one in this podcast episode.  She knows it’s hard to explain fees and dental insurance to your patients; she knows it can be hard to get your staff on board; and she knows how important your own mindset is when it comes to becoming a fee for service provider. That’s why she addresses each of those topics and more in this episode. 

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