Episode 252 – Building A Memorable Brand

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan wants to help you avoid a common mistake she sees doctors making – not building a memorable brand. Whether you are a business owner or an associate, it is important to put thought into your branding and make purposeful decisions.  

Dr. Yazdan gets into the psychology of branding to show how it works and why it is important.  You’ll likely be able to relate to the personal example she uses to illustrate the power of strong branding.  

Creating a brand isn’t just the goal here; Dr. Yazdan wants to help you create a memorable brand. She wants your customers to connect with your branding and your business.  Dr. Yazdan is showing that branding isn’t about us, it’s about the customers we want to attract.  After listening to this episode, what are you going to do to ensure your brand is memorable?

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