Episode 254 – Creating Culture

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is going over the important topic of office culture.  No matter how much money you’re making at a job, if you don’t enjoy the work culture, you won’t like going to work.  The fact that people are willing to take a pay cut for a better office culture shows how important fostering a positive work environment is for employers and their employees.  

Dr. Yazdan has tips and advice on how to create an enjoyable work atmosphere.  She’s letting us know what exactly we can do, and the mindset we need to adopt, to create a positive culture.  Dr. Yazdan even has recommendations on hiring practices that will help harbor the environment you’re trying to build.  

Take 15 minutes to yourself to listen to this valuable podcast episode; you’ll be thankful you did.  The content in this episode could change the way you and your employees feel about the day-to-day at the office for the better.  This could be the one that will make all the difference for you, so don’t miss this podcast. 

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