Episode 26 – Batching Content: Why & How

Episode 26 – Batching Content: Why & How

This episode of The Social Dentist was inspired by a direct message that Dr. Desiree Yazdan received on Instagram, asking how to avoid the stress that often times comes when it’s time to post.  Dr. Yazdan has the answer for you in this podcast, and she makes it simple.

Show up consistently – Dr. Yazdan knows that’s hard, especially when you strive for high quality content and you’re already busy building your business.  The way to make sure you post consistently, is to batch your content. That means creating and scheduling content in bulk for future postings. Not only does this ensure you are keeping up with a posting schedule, but Dr. Yazdan points out how batching content can also allow you to be strategic with your postings.

Grow with the Gram insiders have additional information from Dr. Yazdan about batching content; if you would like more information about Dr. Yazdan’s exclusive program proven to help healthcare professionals grow their business through social media, visit https://growwiththegram.com/.  Dr. Yazdan is generously providing all podcast listeners a social media post planner

Dr. Yazdan wants you to be completely committed to making your social media work for you.  She gives you a real, actionable plan on how to batch your content and tips on creating that content.  Check out Dr. Yazdan’s video about Planoly (link below) – an app she likes to use to help her organize and plan her social media postings.  She also has important insider information she shares about posting that she shares with us. Listen to this valuable podcast episode to take the stress out of social media posting.

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