Episode 27 – How To Use Stories in Your Strategy

Episode 27 – How To Use Stories in Your Strategy

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan has four steps for how to use stories on your Instagram to help you grow your business.  Grow with the Gram insiders have some additional information regarding stories to use along with this episode; if you would like more information about Dr. Yazdan’s exclusive program to help healthcare professionals grow their business through social media, click here: https://growwiththegram.com/.

You’re probably more comfortable posting on the traditional Instagram grid.  Dr Yazdan gets it – you can plan your posts and curate your page to reflect your brand and make your page look perfect.  But that’s not what people are connecting to. Dr. Yazdan explains why it’s increasingly important to include posting in Stories as part of your Instagram strategy.

Dr. Yazdan can personally attest to what works on social media for attracting new clients to your business, and she is here to share her insights with us.  Dr. Yazdan gives us examples from her own experiences to further understanding. Not only does she give us ideas on what to share, she sets boundaries on what not to share as well.

If you are struggling with content ideas for your Stories, Dr. Yazdan has great topic ideas that you’ll be able to use over and over.  She takes things a step further by showing us how to enhance our strategies with Story content. This episode is worth listening to just for the advice and perspective Dr. Yazdan gives regarding showing up for your audience (jump to 13:48 for this snippet) and the value it provides.

Dr. Yazdan is generously providing her podcast listeners with a free bundle of templates for posting on Stories.  Follow Dr. Yazdan on Instagram and Facebook and send her a direct message with any questions you have about growing your business on social media, or about any of the content she’s provided here.  Dr. Yazdan loves hearing from her followers and creates her podcast content based on feedback and questions from listeners like you.

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