Episode 28 – Three Ways To Make Your Post More Personal

Episode 28 – Three Ways To Make Your Post More Personal

This episode of The Social Dentist is in direct response to feedback that Dr. Yazdan received from many people about a previous episode – listeners want to know how to post often and authentically on a personal level without revealing too much.  Dr. Desiree Yazdan has answers and solutions for you, along with tools to help you succeed in growing your business through social media.

Your audience wants to connect with you on a personal level, but sometimes it can be hard to decide if a post is too revealing or if we’re comfortable sharing certain information.  Dr. Yazdan shares her golden rule for determining if she should post certain content or not, which you can use as well, based on your own personal boundaries.

Dr. Yazdan makes the distinction between the experiences of following a brand versus following a real person and how you can use that to your advantage.  She shows us, by using her personal page as an example, that your social media page can evolve naturally by responding to your following’s engagement.

Dr. Yazdan wants to help you get started, so she has three ideas she wants you to explore for posting on a personal level to create a meaningful connection with your following.  She goes into detail about the importance of being relatable by sharing personal details, which further illustrates Dr. Yazdan’s point. This is your business page, so Dr. Yazdan gives us ideas on how to weave our business into our personal posts.

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