Episode 29 – The Compound Effect

Episode 29 – The Compound Effect

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan breaks down what she calls The Compound Effect.  She’s made it work for herself and she’s here to help you get there too.

Dr. Yazdan has established such a loyal following that if she doesn’t post on social media for a few days, people will start checking in with her to make sure she’s ok.  This is because she’s set expectations with her following. Expectations don’t have to have a negative connotation. Dr. Yazdan shows us how it can feel like a privilege.

Dr. Yazdan shows us the value in making promises to ourselves and following through on it.  She wants us to stay committed and consistent and she makes it clear how beneficial it can be. Dr. Yazdan takes things a step further by explaining how we can apply this to all aspects of life, including in the office/business.

With Dr. Yazdan’s advice, we don’t have to depend on or wait for something to go viral – we have The Compound Effect.  She makes it even easier to understand by applying the Compound Effect to everyday things in our lives that we can relate to.  She shows us that we don’t need the instant gratification when you know the The Compound Effect is working for you because when you have a loyal following of ideal patients, if you show up for them, they’ll show up for you.  And not just on social media, but in your office as well.

Dr. Yazdan says all the right things to put things in perspective and helps us make time to execute a social media strategy.  She recognizes that it can be hard to get on social media and create boundaries for how you’re using your time – it’s easy to get sucked into the scrolling check-in.  She makes the distinction between being distracted and scrolling social media versus intentionally sitting down to browse social media.

Dr. Yazdan closes out this episode with inspiring words to help you stay committed to your social media strategy.  She is also giving all listeners access to a Free Masterclass – Three Behind-The-Scenes Secrets To Increase Profits In Your Business As A Healthcare Professional Using Instagram Without Spending All Day On Your Phone. Link Below.

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