3 – Quality Over Quantity

Show Notes

It’s true that numbers don’t lie, but on social media, do they matter?  In Episode 3 of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan explains why you don’t have to have a large following on social media to make your social media marketing successful.  Dr. Yazdan shares a real life example of how staying true to her brand and social media identity, instead of being worried about metrics, truly paid off.  When using social media for your healthcare business marketing, the value is not in the quantity of connections, but in the quality of those connections.  You can have a small following, and if those core followers believe in what you are doing, you can catapult your business by speaking directly to those people. Use the free social media engagement checklist Dr. Yazdan has created for you, which you can access HERE. Get active on social media and start interacting and creating valuable relationships through your social media platforms.  If you follow Dr. Yazdan’s specific tips and tricks for utilizing the comments on Instagram, you will gain a valuable following which will turn into more patients in your healthcare practice.

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