Episode 30 – How To Get It All Done

Episode 30 – How To Get It All Done

Dr. Yazdan knows that juggling life as a healthcare professional can be hectic and feel hard, and that it may feel difficult to get everything done, especially social media.  In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Yazdan gives us advice on finding and making time in our busy lives to prioritize our social media strategy, in order to grow our business.

Dr. Yazdan explains how important prioritizing your time is and how that can help you further your goals.  She also helps us actually map out our priorities. Dr. Yazdan debunks the idea of “a balanced life” and explains why that doesn’t work for her.  She gives us insight into her personal prioritizing strategy so we can apply the same ideas to our lives. She even divulges how she likes to schedule her time to maximize on her priorities.  Dr. Yazdan gives advice on how to be intentional with your time. She explains how important it is and how beneficial it can be.

Dr. Yazdan is sharing her secret on how she finds free time and enjoys it to the fullest, without being distracted.  She makes it easy to understand and explains it in a way that we can easily apply it to our lives.

After listening to this episode of The Social Dentist, you’ll feel inspired to prioritize your time and make time to commit to your social media strategy.  Dr. Yazdan is inviting you to take her Free Masterclass – How To Grow Your Business Using Social Media which is linked below.

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