Episode 31 – How To Deal with Haters

Episode 31 – How To Deal with Haters

In this episode of The Social Dentist Dr. Yazdan addresses a topic that comes up often – how to deal with negativity on social media.  Dr. Yazdan starts the conversation by sharing the story of how and why she first decided to commit to growing her dental practice through social media, and some of the negative reactions she received.  At 5:10 Dr. Yazdan gives valuable advice that you’ll want to remember.

Dr. Yazdan has strategies to deal with the hate that exists when you start marketing your business on social media and she is sharing them with us.  She shares a personal story that shows that the way you deal with the haters could turn them into loyal followers. She then shares another story of how negativity can get out of control and what to do when that happens.

Dr. Yazdan puts things in perspective when it comes to negative comments on social media.  She helps us view them as a good thing and reminds us to focus on the positives. Dr. Yazdan has the inspiring words we need to hear to block out the hate and tells us a story that shows how detrimental it can be if we do listen to the others’ negativity.

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