Episode 35 – How I Built My Small But Mighty Team

n this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Yazdan talks about building a strong team. She uses her personal experiences in her successful cosmetic dentistry practice to help us avoid mistakes she made early in her career.  She now has a strong team she is very happy with, but that didn’t happen naturally.

Dr. Yazdan shares with us lessons she learned when she was first building her practice and hiring a team. She gives us tools and direction so we can avoid making the same mistakes.  Listen to find out what Dr. Yazdan means when she tells us to hire people to execute solutions. This could be the advice that’s the turning point for your business.

If you implement Dr. Yazdan’s suggestions, you will save time and be a happier business owner in the long-term.  She outlines steps you can take to help get you to your goals.

This episode also contains valuable tips and suggestions for hiring someone to help you with social media.  If you are thinking of hiring someone to help you with social media, listen to this episode first.

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