Episode 36 – My Growth is Slow – How Do I Get Things Going?

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Yazdan is talking about growing on social media. A lot of people reach out to Dr. Yazdan about the same issue – they say their growth is slow and they want help gaining followers.

Dr. Yazdan is here to remind us – social media is a long game.  The growth is slow. You’re not doing it wrong, you just have the wrong mindset. And she’s here to help you put things in perspective.  Dr. Yazdan uses an analogy that a lot of people can relate to, to make her point.

She reminds us that more followers does not equal more business. Dr. Yazdan wants us to enjoy the journey and engage with the followers we already have. She explains why the number of likes you get and your metrics don’t really matter when you’re trying to grow a healthcare practice. She gives examples of other analytics within your business you can look at to gauge your social media success. She reminds us that growth comes in many forms.  Dr. Yazdan uses a story from the beginning of her own social media journey to prove her point and inspire us to keep working toward our business goals through social media.

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