Episode 39 – Yes, it is Essential That You Learn How Your Business is Doing on Instagram by Calculating Your Engagement

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Yazdan is discussing engagement on your social media account.  If you’re asking yourself  “what is engagement and why is it important?” or “what do all these analytic numbers mean to me and my business social media page?,” Dr. Yazdan created this episode especially for you.

Dr. Yazdan understands that trying to productively use your social media analytics can be very confusing, so she’s here to break it down for us.  She gives us the information we need to empower us to look at our social media numbers in a constructive way.  She then takes things a step further by giving us the equations needed to look at our numbers in different ways, which will be effective for growing our following.  Dr. Yazdan also gives tips for increasing engagement on our posts.

This is a shorter episode in length, but Dr. Yazdan packs in the valuable information to make an impact on your success.  This episode is definitely worth a listen for anyone looking to build their business through social media – you’ll probably want to relisten to this one.

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