Episode 40 – How to Prioritize Your Social Media Marketing Tasks

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Yazdan wants to help you prioritize your social media to-do list.  She knows you have a busy life, especially since you’re running your own business, and if you’re a healthcare professional like her, you’re also seeing and treating patients.  Dr. Yazdan understands that it can feel hard to find the time to work on your social media strategy, so she is here to help you decide what to focus on.

Dr. Yazdan cuts the fluff and gets right to the point.  She tells us what we need to do first to find any success on social media, and even though it may seem obvious, sometimes we need to hear the obvious to be reminded of our goals. She is clear about the things we should be focusing on and the actions we need to take.  Dr. Yazdan isn’t just telling us what to do, she’s also explaining the why behind her strategy.

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