Episode 41 – Combating Your Biggest Fear – I’m Scared To Put Myself Out There

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is helping us tackle a huge obstacle when it comes to finding success on social media – feeling comfortable putting yourself out there.  Dr. Yazdan is dedicated to helping you grow your business through social media, so she asked her audience to tell her their biggest fear or obstacle when it comes to social media.  An overwhelming amount of you expressed this fear, so this episode was created to address this common issue and get you active on social media.

Dr. Yazdan goes over different scenarios of people being negative on social media and how to deal with that.  She uses examples to put things in perspective when dealing with negativity on social media. Dr. Yazdan uses her own experience to show us that she does understand and to prove that her methods do work.  She gives us the answer on how to get over our fear of posting and gives us the confidence to follow through.

At 12:54 Dr. Yazdan gives us a real-life challenge to try out on Instagram, so listen to this episode and get involved, while also building your social media campaign.

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