Episode 43 – I’m Worried My Content About Products/Treatments Will Scare off My Patients

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan responds to feedback she’s gotten from listeners like you.  Dr. Yazdan is a successful cosmetic dentist based out of Newport Beach, California so her business-based content is focused on her cosmetic dentistry practice which can include impressive before and after photos, beautiful smiles and her happy office atmosphere.  What happens when your business isn’t so pretty or photogenic?  Many of you are worried that your business content will turn people off and won’t attract followers.  Dr. Yazdan is here to assure you that you can find your ideal audience.

Dr. Yazdan gives us ideas and suggestions for content that will attract the right kind of followers for our business.  She gives specific ways you can speak to potential patients directly that will be effective.  Dr. Yazdan also points out that there is an audience for everything and uses a topical example to really drive that point home.

If you’re worried that content about your business will turn people off, listen to this episode of The Social Dentist with Dr. Desiree Yazdan.  She’ll tell you what you need to hear to confidently post about your business on social media, and you’ll see followers turn into patients.

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