Episode 49 – Planning For Your Own Success

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Yazdan is talking to us about time management and planning in order to prioritize and maximize our time.  Dr. Yazdan is speaking directly to business owners in this episode.  Workflow plays a key role in a successful business and a happy business owner.  Dr. Yazdan believes that multi-tasking does not work.  She believes in planning, and believes planning is key to her finding free time. She explains how this works.  She actually show us how she makes time by planning.

Dr. Yazdan uses how we treat our patients and clients versus how we treat ourselves and social media as an example to help us put things in perspective. She wants you to commit to the decision to work on your social media presence and stay committed.  She gives us guidance on what to focus on to keep gaining traction.  Dr. Yazdan gives us some sage advice when she explains to us how she holds herself accountable by sticking to her plans.  She even gives us an action plan that we can use to hold ourselves accountable.

Another way Dr. Yazdan says we can find time, is by saying no.  Most of us are not good at this in practice.  Dr. Yazdan explains why its important that we say no when something isn’t serving us, and she helps us find ways to say no.  She also explains why multitasking doesn’t work.

This is a results-driven episode.  If you’re ready to reach your goals and see results you’re looking for, follow Dr. Yazdan’s advice in this episode.  Reach out and give her your feedback to let her know if you liked this episode; she loves hearing from you.

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