Episode 51 – Ideas for Content Creation

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is addressing what is probably the most common hurdle for people when trying to gain a strong social media following – content creation.  After talking to many healthcare professionals who are trying to build their business on social media, Dr. Yazdan has found a pattern – everyone thinks their situation is different yet everyone needs to create content.  Dr. Yazdan is here to show us that we’re not so different and we can all use the same basis for content creation and still all find success. Whether you are an associate dentist, or in private practice, or aren’t even in the dentistry or healthcare industry at all, Dr. Yazdan’s method will help you grow your practice through your social media following.

At 3:10 Dr Yazdan speaks directly to those dentists who took over an existing practice.  She explains how we can build our own personal brand, even if we are part of a group practice or in an associateship where the rest of the team is not interested in social media marketing.

At 5:00 Dr. Yazdan addresses her fellow dental colleagues regarding a specific problem she’s seen come up: The procedures the practice is currently doing are not the same procedures I want to attract through my social media marketing, so how do I create the content I need? She uses a personal story from her own practice to illustrate her point.

If you’re feeling stuck in your social media journey and need help with content creation, listen to this episode for inspiration, motivation and perspective.  Dr. Yazdan gives you the answers you need and tells you what you need to hear.

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