Episode 56 – Should I Brand My Business or My Name

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Yazdan is discussing the decision of whether you should brand yourself or your business when it comes to social media.  If you’ve been listening since the beginning of The Social Dentist series, you’ll already know Dr. Yazdan’s opinion on this topic.  But here she’s breaking it down further and giving us the answer for why we need to focus on building a personal brand.

Dr. Yazdan shows us how branding ourselves works by using real-world examples we can relate to.  She gives us the reasons why personal branding is effective on social media and makes it easy to understand.

At 5:32 she speaks directly to the people who still believe they should be branding and promoting their business.  She zeros in on the reason why personal branding is so important. And she has answers for the concerns you may have when making this decision.  Dr. Yazdan even takes things a step further by discussing how personal branding can serve you and lend itself to your entire life’s journey.

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