Episode 57 – When Less Than Perfect Works

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is giving us permission to be less than perfect – not in our healthcare practice or business, but when it comes to social media.  It can be hard for business owners, especially healthcare professionals who have been trained to be perfect and strive for that perfection, to feel comfortable and have enough content to post consistently because they are trying too hard.  If this sounds like you, Dr. Yazdan is speaking directly to you in this episode.

Dr. Yazdan makes the point that when it comes to social media, waiting for perfection can be counterproductive and actually getting the content out there is more effective.  Dr. Yazdan gives us the allowance to not stress about being perfect.  She makes some key points to help put the concept of perfection in perspective.

Listen to this episode to hear why Dr. Yazdan is giving you an “F” if you’re limiting your posts on Instagram waiting for them to be perfect, and why you can settle for “B+ work” when it comes to social media posting.  This episode could be the turning point in your social media success if you take Dr. Yazdan’s advice.

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