Episode 59 – Should You Use Your Account As An Influencer Account

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan, helps you decide if you should establish your Instagram account as an influencer account. She starts off the episode by giving you some background on her own decision to focus on growing her business, not on being an influencer. She gives you reasons why focusing on her dentistry practice worked for her. She breaks down some financials to show us where the real potential value is on social media. Dr. Yazdan wants us to build our own dreams and she is here to help us.

Dr. Yazdan gets honest with us about her paid promotional posts.  She also reveals her methodology for deciding if she will partner with another brand or company. She takes things a step further for us, by talking about her follow-through process when promoting products or other companies.

This episode wraps up with Dr. Yazdan encouraging us to share products and companies that we like with our audience, even if we aren’t getting paid for that promotion.  She makes several great points on how this can actually help your brand.  She also gives tips on how to post about your personal recommendations.

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