Episode 67 – How To Engage with Actual Patients on Social

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is helping her fellow healthcare professionals navigate communicating with patients over social media. Now that you’re starting to get patient inquiries through your social media platform, you need to know how to appropriately respond to your messages.

Dr. Yazdan is going over best practices for communicating over social media as a healthcare provider and telling us what works for her work flow. Dr. Yazdan has suggestions for specific things you can say to your patients who are messaging you over social media regarding their treatment to help you guide them to a more preferred method of communication.  She also makes the distinction between when it can be appropriate to respond to a patient via social media.

Boundaries are very important, especially when it comes to healthcare; Dr. Yazdan discusses establishing boundaries with patients surrounding social media communication and talking about healthcare.  She also talks about how to effectively communicate with your patients via social media to strengthen your business.

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