Episode 68 – Do I Need To Be on Social Media if My Practice is Already Successful

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is breaking down why every business should be on social media.  Even if you have an established practice and are happy with your workload and production, Dr. Yazdan is here to show you why you should be active on social media.  She starts off by listing off all the ways an active social media account can help an already successful business.

After listing off the more obvious reasons a business should be on social media, Dr. Yazdan explains how you can mold your business to be even better for you through your social media and who you are attracting.  She also shares a story of how a colleague found a new level of success which wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t on social media.

Dr. Yazdan is driven by helping you find success.  To go along with this episode of the podcast, she is offering her listeners a valuable free download – an Instagram Starter Kit, link below.

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