Episode 75 – Making 2021 Bigger & Better

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is discussing how to make this coming year even better than last year.  The last few episodes have been ramping us up for this podcast, so while it’s not necessary, if you haven’t listened to the last handful of The Social Dentist podcasts, you may want to go back and hear those before listening to this one.

Dr. Yazdan wants us to take massive action.  She explains what she means by this and how it relates to so many parts of our lives. She asks all the right questions to lead us into the answers we need to build the future we desire.

If you’re willing to take Dr. Yazdan’s advice and commit to her suggestions, you will reach your goals.  Dr. Yazdan is confident that this can work for you.  You may just surprise yourself.  This episode will get you even closer to reaching your “impossible goal.”

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