Episode 76 – Understanding Organic Marketing

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is discussing organic marketing.  She dives into what exactly organic marketing is and how to leverage it to your advantage. Dr. Yazdan has been using organic marketing since 2015 to successfully grow her cosmetic dentistry business.

If you are trying to attract new patients, or customers, to your business – this podcast episode is exactly what you need to hear.  Dr. Yazdan asks all the right questions to get us thinking in ways that will transform how we approach our business marketing.

If you have already applied Dr. Yazdan’s advice, but are feeling discouraged from not seeing immediate results, she is speaking directly to you beginning at 9:40.  The way she uses the concept of a bank as a metaphor is very helpful in understanding the concept she’s introducing.

In this episode, Dr. Yazdan is revealing the secret to using social media to reach your business goals. She makes it easy to understand why your mindset is so important.  She’s even giving us a mantra to use that will lead us to feeling success.


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