Episode 90 – Slowing Down To Speed Up

In this episode of The Social Dentist, Dr. Desiree Yazdan is talking to us about the importance of slowing down.  She’s putting things in perspective – one that most people don’t see.  This may be some advice you haven’t heard before. Dr. Yazdan dives right into some hard-to-hear truths starting at 1:35.

At 2:10 Dr. Yazdan makes a bold statement about achieving our goals.  She is introducing a way of looking at things that is probably new to most of us, and we may not want to hear it. But Dr. Yazdan has her way of explaining things so that they make complete sense. She wants us to stop being reactive.

In typical Dr. Yazdan style, she uses a personal story to illustrate the points she is making. This episode has all the refocusing advice you need to reach your next goal, and be happy on the journey there. To take things a step further with Dr. Yazdan, schedule your free consultation at the link below.

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