I’m Dr. Desiree Yazdan, DDS, MS. Wife, mom, certified coach, and dog mom. Oh, and I have a successful dentistry practice where I exceed my revenue goals each quarter, only working a few hours a week. But it definitely didn’t start that way.

In fact, I started my practice at negative 100.

I bought into an established practice right out of dental school and, even though I did my research, a few months in, my partner quit practicing and all our patients left. Every. Single. One.

I still had an office and a full staff, but zero patients or way to pay bills.

You cannot imagine the Fear/Stress/Terror/Anxiety/lack of money…

But also determination that I had. But I wasn’t about to go down like that. I knew I could figure this out.

It took about a year of experimenting but, once the pieces started falling into place, a constant rush of patients began flooding the office. They were ready to book now, pay out of pocket for my favorite procedures, and tell all their friends.

I went from 12-13 hour days and constantly stressed out (seriously, my husband kept telling me “Stop hunching your shoulders!”) to working 16 hours a week and being booked out months in advance.

Best of all, I mastered a formula that allows me to get as many patients as I want while working as little as I want, and spend tons of time at home caring for myself and my baby – all while hitting my revenue goals again and again.

And I can show you how to do it, too.

You didn’t go through all that schooling just to survive – taking any patients you can find (even when you know they’re not a good fit) and underselling your services.

You deserve to be excited to go into the office, you deserve patients you love (who love you back!) and most of all, you deserve to work when you want, make exactly as much as you want, and build the practice you want.

Ready to make it happen? Let’s get started.

“After implementing the strategies for eight weeks, I gained 12 new patients that led to over $40,000 of production!

“Before I started coaching I wanted to sell my practice. I was working so hard and so many hours, and my average daily income was about $1800. $3800 on a good day. Within a few weeks I went to making $12,000 a day in my business.

Dr. Yazdan has changed my life. Since working with her my business has grown so much and I’ve been able to have more quality time with my family. I no longer bring work home. I feel like she’s given me my life back as a mom, wife, and successful business owner.

I can’t stress enough that if you’re struggling in your business to hire Dr. Yazdan as your coach. It was the best decision I’ve made.”

-Dr. Nan (Dentist)